What about Electronic and Forensics?

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Under the heading of Computer or Cyber ​​Forensics, I think you need to have a basic understanding of Aplus Network System web application programming database Crypto mobile. It is impossible to understand everything inside. Detailed subjects like Forensics are not even possible. I only have this much Aplus Network, System, Mobile software.

Ignorance is not a shame.New ones are coming out every day  In other countries, all the good business is going e-government. First Response TeamThere are definitely a variety of devices.The only difference here is that most Asian countries in the West have to buy forensics tools hardware in other words, the West. Why Forensics?You can sell kits and tools. Even if you want to buy, you can not go and buy them What is the details of each one?Because you know how it works, some people can’t even find technology on the Internet.

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Why can they?Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Electronic How do you do that? Because now we know that Well-known brands are emerging.For example, SSD hardware encryption So where is the user password code?
Nowhere is the user given the password? It exists only in the SSD manufacturer and the SSD Firmware (Controller Chip).Then it will be in the Controller Chip. Now you have an expert who can reverse the SSD Firmware.

You need to have an EC technician who knows about this. SSD Falsh memory does not work. You need to be able to take it off and move on It is not easy to remove the back cover Sata SSD is not very difficult m2. pcie is great Trouble will come. Depending on the type of flash, the gates are cluttered inside. The larger the data storage size, the more flashes stick to the board. Check for separate disassembly tools Steps are needed  Special EC An SSD expert will be the first to need it. Once they are ready, the part that needs to be checked is a separate one. The same goes for HD PCB. If the PCB is broken, you can just dust it off and clean it without an EC.

Data recovery is the main thing. Is livingMobile phone segment requires even more EC expertise. Only those who work at the application layer in IT can integrate EC into Softskill. Residents are just product makers.More than six years ago, I was thinking of making a UPS and a power supply as a home business why would it break? Lightly Carefully calculate the parts, look at the work area, not the raw material. From hundreds to tens of thousands You can get up to hundreds of thousands, you can even customize parts  Calculate in detail It’s not suitable  So I bought it from China  Once upon a time, a working L3 Switch did not turn on the power. The power supply was fine.

I decided to stay and decide for myself The cover is out of warranty Once you remove the cover, look at the L3 Switch. Because of our knowledge, we can copy Huawei and make Huawei Switch routers As usual, I had to re-install it after spraying it with the mobile phone repair method used by Myanmar people. Why is technology lagging behind? There are some people who understand EC, but some diode capacitors have not been produced yet.
This is due to the fact that there is a lot of top-down relationship, less horizontal relationship and jealousy. And when the economy isn’t good, it’s an invention
It’s too late .

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