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Gangwon Province, South Korea( Gangwon) as a platoon with Korea Tourism Organization’s( KTO) Kuala Lumpur and Singapore workplaces eased the Reconnect with Gangwon occasions on May 13 and May 17 to speed up the rehabilitation of the movement request. Starting to lead the pack to renew neighborhood the trip assiduity and launchpost- epidemic promoting, Gangwon banded with its 20 cohorts, Alpensia Resort, monapark Yongpyong Resort and assigned trip itineraries to sort out the occasion, which consolidated courses, media meetings and business organizing meetings to resuscitate the association with near trip cohorts and meliorate Gangwon’s trip assiduity advance. Both on the web and disconnected lobbies for Gangwon Safe Travel( G- Safe Travel) were likewise going full speed ahead to make bottomless knowledge of the security measures executed in Gangwon and acquaint chosen assured clean exceptions with a worldwide crowd.



” As it’s our absolute first abroad occasion after there- opening of worldwide lines, it’s a legitimately big deal to Gangwon to drivepost- epidemic showcasing and advance the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 as well,” said Kim Jong- Woug, top general of the trip assiduity, culture and sports department, Gangwon Province. As a point of common promoting with 36 assigned trip itineraries worked in abroad business sectors, Gangwon will likewise keep at creating decoration the trip assiduity particulars and communicate the worldwide trip request through outreach trials, for illustration, familiarity passages for the movement business, the trip assiduity road shows and common commercials. Making a big difference for the Olympic heritage Gangwon 2024 Youth Olympic Games Riding on the resonating progress of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Gangwon 2024 Youth Olympic Games means to continue its vision of sustaining another age of time- eschewal sports contenders.


The eagerly awaited brandishing party will be held from January 19 to February 1, 2024 in Pyeongchang, Gangneung, Jeongseon and Hoengseong in Gangwon. In excess of contenders from 70 nations are supposed to take part in 7 games, 15 disciplines and north of 80 occasions. For the antedating time, other global occasions, for illustration, Gangwon Forestry Exhibition 2023 and the twelfth World Choir Games Gangneung 2023 are also reserved to do in Gangwon to fresh lift abroad blink business to the region. Premium the trip assiduity benefactions zeroing in on nature, health, Hallyu( Korean Wave) and social fests Invested with stunning rich herbage, some of South Korea’s most popular ocean props and amazing mountains, Gangwon is each around set for open air exercises like probing, traveling, skiing, as well as health systems to fulfillpost- lockdown a pining for new exploits.


Uplifting news for suckers of seething worldwide peculiarity, K- pop swell, as well- they can now visit the firing areas of notorious K- plays, for illustration,’ Comb’ and’ Crash Landing on You’, deposited in the region. Presently the world’s topmost teen pop band, BTS, likewise shot music recordings for their collection and travelogs across Gangwon as well. The areas of interest were accordingly bookmarked by ARMY- the gathering’s armies of worldwide suckers- to emulate their illustration. To finish it off, Gangwon has added pristine holiday spots to invite abroad guests as well. LEGOLAND Korea, the world’s tenth LEGOLAND Park, opened its entries in Chuncheon, capital of Gangwon as of late. It’s also the top LEGOLAND rested on an islet, Jungdo, as would be considered normal to make it one of the most grand LEGOLAND Resorts to date.

Cheorwon Hantangang Columnar Joint Path, a mobile way made by introducing a deck between the scars, in Cheorwon DMZ point is likewise another new vacationer draw. The appearance of truly important adored fests is in progress as well. Hwacheon Ice Fishing Festival, which used to have further than guests every time, is prepared to invite global guests from this time. Assigned as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, in excess of guests go to the four- extended Gangneung Danoje Festival constantly as well. festivity actors run to the different conventional exhibitions and share in social merriments, for illustration, making festivity suckers, stirring the sacrosanct alcohol, drawing curtains for the Gwanno cover show, enjoying Surichiwi rice wafers and washing their hair in Iris water.

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